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The leadership of this congregation was enriched by strengthening the ministry team of two (Leonardo D. Gilbert and the late Lemmie Nichols Sr.).   James Davis Sr. (now deceased) was ordained as a Minister and worked faithfully to “save souls and keep souls saved” until his transition into eternity on January 1, 2008.  Also serving as a valuable part of the ministerial team is Bro. Carl F. Burrage, who was added in 2005.  Ministers who also worked with this congregation for a brief period during the period from 1995 until now were James H. Mason Jr, John T. Thomas, and Charles L. Smith.  John Thomas and his wife Doris returned to the SHCC Team.  In addition, we are blessed to have Bro. Edward Davis, Bro. Eddie Lance, and Bro. Will Smith who serve as Assistant Ministers on our Ministerial Team.

Apart from our strong ministerial team, we are blessed to have a hard-working team of deacons and Ministry Team Leaders.

This year, as the Sheldon Heights Church of Christ celebrated its 84th year, Jesus Christ is still the cornerstone of the congregation whose foundation was dug in 1931 by men who had the determination and  vision to spread the Gospel on Chicago’s South Side.  Even though many of them have passed on, we still stand firm on that foundation. as we Lift Him Up! We value the dreams and ideas of our past ministers and leaders, and we pledge that they will continue to remain in the forefront now and in the years to come.  Sir Francis Drake in 1587 stated that “it is not the beginning of a work that brings the true glory but the carrying on of the same until the end.”   

Colorful, strong threads in our tapestry represent past members, families, ministers, and events of Michigan Avenue and Sheldon Heights have been so tightly interwoven, down through the years, that it is difficult to separate endings from beginnings.  Sheldon Heights Christians  inherited a rich spiritual family heirloom tapestry that was started by Bro. Levi Kennedy in 1931, passed on to Bro. Samuel Jordan in 1971, and passed on to Bro. Leonardo Gilbert in 1995.  We are grateful to God for His blessings throughout the three ministerial eras in our congregation’s history. 

Leonardo D. Gilbert 

Assistant Ministers 
Carl F. Burrage
Edward Davis
Eddie Lance Jr.
Will Smith 
John T. Thomas

Willie Carter
Charles Cathey Jr.
Carl Davis
Phillip Hampton  
Lionel Harden
Lance Jones
Dewayne Mason
Kerry May
John Sanders 

The VISION of the Sheldon Heights CHURCH OF CHRIST is to produce a body of Christian stewards, dedicated to using their time, talents, and treasures to reaching UP to the Lord, IN to each other and OUT to the world through education, evangelism, edification, and benevolence.

The MISSION of the Sheldon Heights CHURCH OF CHRIST is saving souls and keeping souls saved.

Samuel L. Jordan, Minister
Our 2nd Minister
Levi Kennedy, Minister
Our 1st  Minister
Leonardo D. Gilbert, Minister
Our 3rd  Minister