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Bereavement Ministry

"On behalf of SHCC, we understand that losing someone you love can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person will go through. It is important to have a loving church family especially during such devastating times. People will often accept the help of bereavement ministry--church professionals who are experienced during this period in life. The SHCC Bereavement Ministry performs a number of tasks and hold various responsibilities vital to helping bereaved church members deal with their loss while they pass through the stages of grief. Understanding the duties of the bereavement ministry will help you determine if, in the unfortunate event of a loss, you would benefit from this support. Always remember, we are here for you."

- Elder Carl Davis, Ministry Leader

Bereavement Ministry Support

1. Prayer

2. House Calls

3. Help with Funeral Arrangements

4. Repast Services (Food Preparation)

5. Follow-up Care/Counseling


We are always here for you.


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